“Shearim” Ltd. a branch of “Avi Cranes” is one of the best firms in Israel not only in the fields of gates but also in other fields under its charge. It is also rated amongst the 50 largest companies in the world. Despite the fact that the company continues to develop it makes no compromise on the level and quality of service given to its customers.

One of the outstanding features of the company is the flexibility in its unique solutions, unlike other companies which refrain from doing so.

“Shearim” strives to meet the needs of its customers and therefore has set the foundations of a long-term program based on flexibility.

“Shearim” is a private firm with an accumulating experience of 25 years. It is basically occupied in offering general parking solutions, service to all kinds or gates, barriers doors and carousels. Our service includes the manufacturing, sale and installment of electronic gates, barriers, glass doors and carousels of all sizes suited to the weight, speed and quality of the opening.

We are highly experienced in counseling, designing and in building exclusive projects of all kinds of gates. We use the best equipment for high quality services based on stringent standards of security with no compromise on quality and safety.

During the years Harel Eshed has acquired a good reputation in Israel in the field of gates due to the high standards in the manufacturing, installing and services provided to its thousands customers.

Our company offers its services to all kinds of gates in Israel among which are some importing companies from Europe, Far East and those in Israel.

you can call us now: +972-3-6545000

address: Ha-Satat St 19, Holon.